Monday, 14 June 2010

NY Post: USA wins 1-1!

The New Statesman's blog flags up this headline from the New York Post:

Two things. First, that football is a zero-sum game. Looking at the English press reaction, it seems only logical therefore that the American press should take the view that they won.

Secondly, the New York Post is notorious for being Rupert Murdoch's attempt to introduce the British tabloid/gutter press aesthetic to the traditionally staid US newspaper scene. To this end the NYP has a long history of importing talent from the UK. This headline is not just fully aware of its own silliness (hello, the caption underneath) but probably crafted by an ex-Sun staffer, all too happy to lure their compatriots into tutting over American ignorance.


  1. Murdoch has also been the dominant force behind the marketing of football in the US. Nevertheless, the headline is strangely accurate.

  2. I seem to remember an account of Ireland's performance in some world cup (1994?) going something like 'We beat England 1-1, we drew with Italy 1-1, and we lost to Egypt 1-1'