Sunday, 20 June 2010


One of modern journalism's tenets since Watergate: follow the money. It's a phrase with more than one interpretation of course. Consider:

Henry Winter in the Telegraph on the vexed question of who should partner Rooney:
[Capello's] wide-open 4-4-2 tactics were inevitably exposed as was the folly of persisting with Emile Heskey rather than pairing Steven Gerrard with Wayne Rooney. [source]
Winter is, let us say, a big fan of Gerrard:
Only one English lion looked like he belonged in Africa. Only Steven Gerrard really rose to the occasion of an opening World Cup game, scoring for England and driving his team on but too many of his team-mates faltered on the highveldt last night. The captain led by example but sadly nobody followed. [source]
But another equally – cough – objective viewpoint is that Crouch should join Rooney in attack instead. Sam Wallace in the Independent: 'It is a fact that England are a better side when Crouch partners Rooney' [source] .... and furthermore 'England need to score at least one goal on Wednesday and the obvious answer is Crouch.' [source]

Now if you click through to see this item on Amazon and then this one, noting the author credits along the way, is it not fair to ask, perhaps in your best Derrida accent, who is writing who in the above? Who is speaking who?


  1. Classic! And well spotted. Now we need to get Heskey's side of the story via the co-author of his upcoming biography (working title: "Lumbering forward").